• Please read the instructions thoroughly before attempting the installation of the hardware relocation kit.

  • Please report any errors or questionable items to us via email so we can provide clarification and correct them for future users.

  • Installation of hardware relocation kit, conversion of grille, and re-calibration are recommended after users desired ride height for the vehicle is achieved. Should any changes due to a lift or wheel/tire modification occur after the installation of the kit, an additional re-calibration by a Toyota authorized dealer is highly encouraged.

  • Jomax Customs LLC highly encourages all customers to visit their Toyota authorized dealer for a sensor re-calibration after installation.

  • Did we miss something? It's possible - we made a list and checked it twice... but no ones perfect so shoot us and email and let us know whats up.

  • Please be advised, due product improvements actual product received may slightly vary. Graphic images, installation notes, video guides, and product descriptions are subject to modification to match the current product offerings.