Our design uses all steel hardware for the relocation unit and fasteners.  Why?  Because our trucks need to remain tough and resilient to a wide variety of weathering and environmental conditions for decades to come!  We could have opted to use a cheaper or sub-par material, but what good does that do anyone in the long run?  We want a product for life; building upon a trusted brand that people will come to respect in the custom automotive and aftermarket industry.

We live in Phoenix, Arizona.  Yes its hot here, and our products are tested to withstand it.  We have utilized the support of local small businesses to help us craft the amazing products, therefore stimulating our local economy and keeping some hard working folks employed. 


  • 37% Lighter using 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

  • Professional Anodized Black Bracket and Hardware

  • Enhanced Connection Points and Refined Bracket Fitment

  • Customized Laser Etching for Jomax Branding

  • Customized Hardware Kit with Anodized Hardware and New Fasteners

  • Entirely New and Jomax Customs Branded Safety Shield Plate

  • Extreme Tolerance Improvements

  • Future Product Developments


This product has been designed to be plug-and-play for use with the existing Toyota Tundra frame equipment.  No cutting, drilling, gluing, or other modifications to factory hardware are required! 

Jomax Customs LLC highly encourages all customers to visit their Toyota authorized dealer for a sensor re-calibration after installation. Calibration is highly recommended after any changes to ride height, equipment adjustments, or wheel/tires changes are completed.

You don't settle for an ugly black boxes, zip ties, cutting, or damages to your TRD Pro Grille.  All parts are included to provide smooth and simple installation, allowing you to achieve a successful Toyota grille conversion.